Melrose and 12South was born of a love of two cities: Los Angeles and Nashville.

It’s a love of a variety of design styles as well: mid-century, modern, California Coastal and the glamorous, vintage architecture in the South.

My name is Jill Laine, I am the main designer at Melrose and 12South.

I started my design career in 1998 with a small little antique shop in Arizona, after graduating from ASU. Over the next few years I grew my business into a large showroom in Paradise Valley, where I took on a variety of design projects, brokered six-figure art collections for clients, and appraised antiques, in addition to merchandising and running my store.

When 2008/2009 happened, Arizona was hit hard. I went from having an amazing business to having no business, seemingly overnight. From there I decided I didn’t want to have the burden of inventory any longer, so I sold everything at auction and made my way to Los Angeles.

I spent a few years in between as a wardrobe consultant, designing closets for clients and guiding them on how to achieve their best style. I wrote a book, The Conscious Closet, which I’ll be re-releasing soon, 2019 edition!

The love of all things home was still calling to me, and I entered the wild wild world of LA real estate in 2014. I worked at one of the top teams in the city (and nation) and saw the most spectacular (and the most horrendous) interiors one could ever imagine. For a fun read, check out my post about my LA nightmare real estate stories here.

During my time in real estate, I was still dabbling in design on the side. I also began to take note of why some homes sell almost overnight while other languish on the market for far too long. I started a business, We Design. You Sell., which helps homeowners and Realtors get their homes prepared for market. I love helping clients in this way, but I’m not able to design and create to my full ability.

That’s where Melrose and 12South was born. 

While M12 offers in-person design services in Southern California and Arizona, our main focus is on E-design.

What I love most about E-design is that I’m able to help clients, no matter where they live. I’m able to be just as creative, sometimes even more so, because I can find the exact items that I want for the space, and source them online in a fraction of the time it would take to drive around from store to store.
Before E-design, a client’s only choice was to hire a designer in-person, with a bank of hours paid upfront and a retainer. This made hiring an interior designer a true luxury, available only to a chosen few.
Today with the internet the playing field has been leveled, now great design is available to everyone!
E-design is much more simple and cost-effective than hiring an in-person designer, and still a great option for most projects.

With my E-design services, here’s what you’ll receive:
*A Room Design board, which shows all the items laid out and styled in the space.
*A Floorplan, with an aerial view of the space with exact furniture placement.
*An Online Shopping List, with items to line-item approve and then purchase easily.
*A Mood Board, showing your approved items laid out in one space.

*Instructions and Designer support. I’m here to answer your questions that arise during the project.

If you’re wondering if E-design is right for you, I wrote a post about it here. There are times when hiring an in-person designer is still the best option, depending on the scope of the project.

Melrose and 12South is a member of Vegan, which means the items that I source (to the best of my ability) are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and good for our planet, which means low in toxins and good for us too!


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