Your closet is a microcosm of your life. It shows me what you think about yourself, where your priorities lie, your current lifestyle, and where you may be stuck. And that is just the beginning!

As the author of “The Conscious Closet”, I’ve seen many closets that are out of alignment. When your closet is out of alignment you’re frustrated and often feel like you have “nothing to wear”, even though you have clothing for miles. Sound familiar? I’d love to help you.

Check out my packages below, then let’s make an complementary 15-minute appointment to discuss what is holding back your personal or brand style. Email to set a time that works for you.

These services are available in-person in Southern CA and AZ, or anywhere via email and Zoom.

Conscious Closets


Branding & Style


Style Coaching


Dream Closet E-Design

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