Branding & Style Package $295

Are you an entrepreneur that has clarified your brand identity and message for your business, but has yet to think about how you dress? Though your website, social media and print are all on point, you haven’t considered that the epicenter of that brand is your personal style.

If you’re taking headshots, doing live TV or video, or otherwise interacting in a visible way with your clients, you need your style to reflect your brand message.

Over 80% of communication is non-verbal, which means that you could be conveying the wrong message to your clients, just by the way you dress.

Author of “The Conscious Closet”, with a background in wardrobe styling, Jill Laine has coached many entrepreneurs discover the style and non-verbal cues to support their brand message. 

This consult is for 3 hours and available in-person in Southern California and Arizona, or anywhere via Zoom.

This package includes:

*In-depth brand and personal style analysis.

*Notes that include a list items that are no longer serving your brand message, as well as which items to incorporate into your business style that will clarify your brand identity.

*A carefully chosen list of 5 outfits that will represent your brand, with links to shop.

This package includes 3 hours of style coaching for your brand, which include notes and items to purchase. Additional hours billed at $125 per hour.

Within 7 days after your consultation you’ll receive your completed package.

Interested? Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute Discovery Call to discuss your business and brand. Email us at
  2. Pay for this package. We accept payment via Paypal, Stripe, Venmo or bank transfer, whichever is easiest for you.
  3. Send us your business branding: website, social media links, business cards, all of it.
  4. Get excited, within 7 days we’ll have your new, branded style delivered to your inbox!
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