It’s baaaack! “The Conscious Closet”
has been exponentially edited for 2019,
with Pinterest boards, a Style Journal,
updated Resources and bonuses galore!

In this edition you’ll learn:

*How to forever banish the phrase “I have nothing to wear”

*How to edit your closet with the 3 T’s and Magic 8

*The 12 Style Archetypes and how these differ from your Style Soul

*How Awareness plays a pivotal role in your closet, spending, and style

*The power of unspoken communication and how to say what you want with your style

*Simple steps to help you organize your closet so you can find what you want, when you need it

*Identifying where your style is stuck, and what items are holding you back

*How to become confident with your style and celebrate your unique beauty

*Why I loathe and eschew the word Fashionista

*Style secrets and techniques to take your style next level

*Inspiration and motivation to unleash your style like never before

*Basic items and how these are the foundation of your Conscious Closet

*How to have plenty of outfits ready to go, when you need them, without having to scramble

*Tips to unleash your creativity with your style, and banish the style doldrums

*Why you must consider your Style Dial with every outfit

*The 3 things to ask yourself everytime you get dressed

*Use Color Theory to launch into the style stratosphere

and so, so much more!

Everything I do for my clients in person, where I charge $500-$5000 to clarify their style and create their Conscious Closet, is contained in this book. EVERYTHING. 

And the cost? Only $15!
Yep. Because I wanted to make this affordable for all women.

And the size?
140+ pages of seismic style goodness, plus the Style Journal and 2 bonuses:
Ethical Fashion and How to Mix Prints & Patterns!

Ready to get started?
Click here to purchase The Conscious Closet e-Book,
along with the Style Journal and extra bonuses!

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