Luxe Interior Styling $995

This is a perfect package when your home and furniture are new but you haven’t been able to pull your style together or take it “next level”, like the images you see in the magazines, and on Instagram and Pinterest.

When you want to drop some money but not 6-figures, this is an ideal package for you.  When you want to spend 3 weeks and not 6 months, this is an ideal package for you.

With our Luxe Interior Styling service, we’ll come in-person to assess your current interiors, what’s working (and what’s not), and add our fresh ideas to take your design style up many notches!

Currently we are taking in-person appointments in Southern California and Arizona.

We’ll evaluate your existing items with you and decide what to keep and what to banish.

This package is “design-lite” where we’ll be focused on your lighting, art, accessories, furniture placement, artwork, and soft furnishings.

Here’s what you can expect from this package:

*You’ll meet in-person for a designer consult, lasting 30-60 minutes, where we’ll come through your home taking pictures, measurements and notes about the items you want to keep. We’ll discuss what is, and isn’t working, in your home.

*Then we’ll get to work and send you a list of items to purchase that fit with your new elevated style concept, and budget. You’ll be able to “like” and approve items on this list, and you’ll collaborate with the designer to create your new space. For ease and efficiency, all the products offered will be available for online purchase.

*We may also recommend some changes to your upholstery, fixtures and finishes for you to execute as you see fit, and ideally before our final installation.

*Once your new items are all ordered and received, we’ll come back to your home to complete the installation and styling.

*Average time from start to finish: about 2-4 weeks, depending on the items ordered and scope of project.

*10 hours of design time is included with this package, with additional hours billed out at $125/hour. We will let you know when you have only 2 hours remaining.

Interested in knowing more? Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute Discovery Call with us to discuss your project. Email us at to set up.
  2. Pay for this package. We accept payment via Paypal, Stripe, Venmo or bank transfer, whichever is easiest for you.
  3. Schedule your initial in-home designer consultation.
  4. Gather a few inspiration images from magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram, and collaborate with our designer on your new purchases. A minimum of 3 options per item will be offered.
  5. Get excited, because your home is about to be transformed into a layered, luxe living space!
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