Picking paint is hard. We make it easy.

The hardest colors to pick are neutrals: white, beige and gray. Why? Because each of those basic colors have undertones. Undertones can make your paint appear blue, green, yellow or even purple.

What if you don’t get your colors right? Even though painting is one of the lease expensive upgrades you can make to your home, re-painting adds extra time and doubles your cost.

We’re experts at picking colors for our design clients. Let us pick your paint palette for you, and you can rest easy that the colors we choose will work together beautifully in your home!

Each Paint Package Includes:

*Access to your own design studio where your finishes and colors will be saved for future reference.

*Access to our design team and any questions regarding paint color, finishes or placement.

Interested in moving forward? Here’s how to proceed:

1. Purchase your package.     

2. Send us photos of your home and rooms (we’ll walk you through this process). Fill our our color and design questionnaire.  

3. Get excited because you’ll have your Custom Paint Palette delivered within 3-5 days! All palettes featuring Benjamin Moore paint.  

We’ll do our best to nail your color the first time, but we ALWAYS recommend buying a sample of paint and trying it first.

We offer one backup, bonus color with each package.

Any questions? Email us at Melrose12South@gmail.com.

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Pick my One Color


Pick my Two Colors


Pick my Five Colors


Exterior Color + Trim

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