11 Items to Love or Lust this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, which inspired me to come up with a list of 11 fabulous items that I am currently loving and lusting:


  1. July Throw designed by James Daw, $230 at Opumo.
    This is my top choice for a cuddle blanket. Anything with Tigers AND roses definitely has my vote.
  2. Fatally Yours vegan chocolates, $87.95 at Vegan Treats.
    The 90’s goth kid in me loves these artistic designs as well as their vegan deliciousness.
  3. Austier de Vallette mug with Lover’s Eye Ring, $240 at Sue Fisher King.
    I MEAN!!! If you’re not a fan of the lover’s eye, Austier is making these with other “rings” as well.
  4. About Face wallpaper, starting at $415, Flavor Paper.
    Why have pedestrian wallpaper when you can have this one with little mirrors?
  5. The Walk to Elsies, $195 at Amazon.
    “The Walk transports its readers to the brilliant scenery of Los Angeles, France, Venice and New York during WWII.” A tale of the superlative stylings of Elsie De Wolfe, with guest appearances by Tony Duquette, this is all I’ll ever need in a book.
  6. Josh Young “Emma” mixed media print, $350 at Chairish.
    I’m completely smitten by the mix of old and new, 18th century Jane Austen high society with a modern twist.
  7. Rouge Bourbon Tea by Mariage Freres, $26.95 at Market Hall Foods.
    If Marie Antoinette was around today she’d be drinking this. Just sayin’.
  8. Kiss Me print by Angela Blehm, $299 at Chairish.
    Skip the juvederm and buy these lips instead.
  9. Angry cat Gucci tassel pillow, $1650 at Bergdord Goodman.
    When you’ve been a very, VERY good kitty cat.
  10. Tete a Tete velvet chaise, $1498 at Anthropologie.
    These tete-a-tete chairs date back to the 18th century in France, also known as gossip chairs. All the better to sit with your favorite someone and smooch.
  11. Champs ring in 14K gold with diamonds, $4900 at Laura Lobdell.
    Exceedingly clever, Laura designs her rings to look like the cap of a champagne bottle. And the diamonds definitely don’t hurt.So what would be your favorite thing to get for Valentine’s Day? Is it on this list?