How to Layer Your Rugs Like a Boss

So you might be asking, why would you want to layer your rugs? Why not just do what normal folks do and buy a regular rug to fit the size of your space?

Aaaaand right there you have your answer. If you want to do something creative and unexpected with your design, consider layering your rugs instead.

Layering your rugs is usually about the same price as buying one large rug. So you probably won’t be saving money but you will be adding oodles of extra style to your space.

1. Size 

First figure out the size of your space, the size of rugs you’ll need to buy and how many rugs you’ll need to layer. Normally I like odd numbers, but in this case I would say layer 2-4 rugs, not more. Otherwise you’re going to start looking like a pop-up rug shop up in here.

I’m the Queen of flying by the seat of my pants, and that can work with mixing rugs in a more casual space. If it’s just your outdoor patio, that can be vastly different from perfecting your living room. Make sure you have all the measurements so you can plan your rugs and layers accordingly.

2. Style

If your home is hard-core traditional this is not for you. Mixing rugs lends itself to an eclectic, bohemian, modern and mid-century styles. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun though. Maybe you bust out some layering in a kid’s room, or your outdoor space.

Consider layering rugs in your outdoor space.

2. Design your Mix

Here are three options:

  1. Buy a big rug and layer a much smaller rug over the top. Like a 4’x6′ over a 10’x12′. This works best when there is additional styling with the smaller rug, say in a living space where you would place a coffee table on top of the smaller rug.
  2. Buy a variety of rugs and layer them into a big square or rectangular shape. Like so.
  3. Buy 3 similar size rugs and artfully arrange them in an askew pattern. This takes a little more finesse to pull off. See #4 below for this inspiration!

3. Mix textures

The whole point of layering your rugs is to have fun with the variety of textures. Maybe you throw a Faux Fur over a traditional Persian, or a Kilim over a Beni Ourain. The whole point is to experiment and see what works well together.
One of the reasons I like to mix rugs is that I’m a rug obsessed lunatic, so I can never decide on one anyhow.
Take a cue from Uncle Duquette and get on board with more is more.

The pink! I love this rug.

4. Mix patterns and colors

Hello! Here’s another chance to show off your mad mixology skills by mixing patterns as well as textures. And if you need a refresher course on mixing patterns, I got you right here.

Arrange some rugs in an askew pattern for extra style points.

5. Consider safety

It’s all fun and games until someone crashes into your table and chips a tooth.
When layering, it’s really important to consider safety. If people will be walking through this space make sure the rugs are tacked down so that nobody trips.

So there you have it! Some great tips for mixing your rugs like a boss. What do you think, is this a look you’d be willing to try?