Glam Squad: Why Drama Rules in Design

Oh I know.

Modern Farmhouse is all the rage right now, and I get it. City folk get the feels that they’re living the quiet, country life amongst their shiplap and reclaimed barn wood. It’s comfy. It’s cozy. It’s boring.

Do you think anyone ever had a drink thrown in their face in a farmhouse setting, or had a torrid love affair under a White Dove painted wall? (I love White Dove, btw, but that’s hardly the point here).


We need glamour! We need 5th Avenue chic! We need color, and not pastels!

Glamorous design has historic roots, but can be definitively modern

Harken back if you will to the golden age of Hollywood. Lights! Camera! Glamour!

Tony Duquette was the reigning designer of more is more. Gold, crystals and mirrors dripped from anything that stood still for more than 5 minutes.

It was interesting, and provoking, and there were layers of opulence and design decadence.

We’ve become minimalists, and in doing so we’ve lost something. In buying all new items we’ve lost history. In buying all bland items, we’ve lost depth and interesting design. In copying a design style, we’ve lost our personality and the story in our homes.

Glamour will most always be a classic design style. Ask Kelly Wearstler, Mary McDonald, or legions of other high-end designers that haven’t missed a beat here. Farmhouse what?

Hollywood glamour, spelled out for you.

Modern Glamour is accessible

I think somewhere along the way we mere mortals came to the conclusion that glamour is only for the rich and famous. “Welp, I can’t afford to pay $200k for that coffee table so I guess I’m gonna head to IKEA.”

The thing is, glamour is accessible to all! It’s about vintage and antique items. Stuff you can find on ebay, and fleamarkets, and estate sales. Whereas new items are produced en masse and at the peril of our planet, glamour has been around since Marie Antoinette ate her cake. So there’s lots and lots of beautiful pieces out there still kicking around to choose from, and at times for far less than their new counterparts.

Glamorous mirror meets old Spanish architecture

Glamour can be done in small doses

So you don’t want to do a dramatic look throughout your house, that’s ok. Glamour can meet you where you are and be added in small doses. Paint your closet hot pink in high gloss. Add a disco ball chandelier. Throw in a smoky mirror and some crystal and gold drawer pulls and you just became the newest member of Team Glam!

Modern glamour is livable and easy.

Modern Glamour is more laid back

IMO, modern glamour isn’t about being a maximalist. It’s about carefully selected items with impact. An antique Chippendale mirror. Raw crystals. A few, carefully selected gold items, mixed with easygoing furniture, mix of fabric patterns and minimal window treatments.

Modern glamour plays well with traditional, transitional, bohemian, and EVEN farmhouse styles (antiqued gold fixtures, anyone?)

Modern glamour doesn’t need to go all out. It’s not precious and it’s not about fabrics you can’t sit on and things you can’t touch. It’s just as liveable as farmhouse style.

Enter this photo, which is my dream boudoir. Complete with $24k necklace from 1stDibs. Le sigh.

Concept board by Melrose and 12South

Which brings me to this final point: Glamour is about dreaming. It’s about living a bigger life, with more color, texture and layers. It’s creating a space that is uniquely your own, with items that speak uniquely to you.

This is Modern Glamour. And if you want to find out more about creating a glamorous look in your home, check out my E-Design services here!