Form Follows Fashion: Interior Trends for S/S 2019

As far back as we know, fashion and interiors have been inextricably woven together. Louis Quatorze wouldn’t have been so grand running around Versaille in a basic tee and trousers, Queen Victoria in her somber apres-Albert attire echoed the dark, overt ornamentation of that era’s interiors.

If you’re a style and fashion maven, chances are your home will be just as fabulous as the clothes in your closet. When you love great design, art and beauty, that influences everything you touch.

Thus, while recently gazing upon the recent trends from the 2019 Spring and Summer collections, I was inspired to find similar items that we can transition to our interior spaces.

All fashion photos and trends reported by Elle, and you can read more about those trends here.

Trend #1: Lavender


Lavender. Hmmmm. I’ll confess this isn’t my fave color or anywhere near the top of my list. But when I started researching interior items for this project let’s just say I’m reconsidering. Not as dramatic as plum or purple, lavender has a soothing, easy quality to it. Lavender plays well with certain blues, yellow and gold, and is more unexpected than pink.

Clockwise from top left:

Rose all day Neon Sign, Duroque WeHo, $875

Clear treasure box with Azurite, Duroque WeHo, $119

Marbled wallpaper, Flavor Paper, $9-$12/sqft 

1980’s Nagel Serigraph, Chairish, $515

Two-Tone lavender black out curtain panel, Wayfair, $63

Purple and lavender rug, One King’s Lane, $85-$1395

Jonathan Adler eyes tray, $68

Benjamin Moore paint swatch in Lily Lavender

Tufted bed, Lulu & Georgia, $740-$850

Perfectly Fabulous pillow, Duroque WeHo, $89

Trend #2: Fringe

I know what you’re thinking. Fringe? Yawn. It’s been around forevah in fashion and design. This time though it’s different. Trust.
This fringe is not the NashVegas cowgirl, Cochella vixen, ubiquitous Bohemian ornamentation you’ve come to see at every outlet mall. Sans patchouli, this fringe is vive la difference.
This fringe is total glamour, totally fabulous. It’s upper East-side fringe, with the price tag to prove it.
For those of you not quite ready to dump your 401K on 1stDibs, remember that these things take time to roll out to the masses at lower price points.

Clockwise from top left:

Limited Edition French fringe sideboard, 1st Dibs, $8400

Custom fringe floor lamp, variety of colors, 1st Dibs, $1829

Aloha fringe chandelier, Anthropologie, $698

Three-tiered fringe armchair, Archiproducts, Price upon Request

Dian Austin couture home fringe pillow, Neiman Marcus, $160

Custom velvet and fringe ottoman, 1st Dibs, $1990

Lara Bohinc for Kasthall fringe and brass wall geometric, 1st Dibs, $7744

Trend #3: Pink and Red

Pink has a youthful exuberance while red is grown-up and sexy. It’s playful meets confident, sweet meets lady boss.
Moreover, pink and red are analogous colors on the color wheel, so it’s science that they work well together, across all design fields.

Clockwise from top left: 

Rug, One King’s Lane, $75-$575

Yayoi-K wall clock, Society6, $31.99

Pink and Red framed print, West Elm, $179

Double gourd table lamp, Chairish, $275

Custom fringed ottoman, 1st Dibs, $447

Kiss me red print, Angela Blehm, Chairish, $299

Kiss me pink print, Angela Blehm, Chairish,$299

Ibiza Bohemia coffee table book, Amazon, $85

Paris Map Pillow, Target, $47.49

Why should our clothing have all the fun? Much like jewelry, embellishments like jewels, sparkles and pearls are the finishing touch on our interiors as well.


Clockwise from top left: 

Jonthan Adler Globo chandelier, $1895 

Roar + Rabbit 6-drawer jeweled dresser, $1040

Timothy Horn pearl and metal sculpture, price upon request

Vintage jeweled fabric pillow, 1st Dibs, $232

Silver jeweled starburst mirror, Target, $119

Ashley Longshore Sparklepuss chrome mylar wallpaper, Flavor Paper, $13/sqft

Holborn faceted diamond end table, Wayfair, $550

Jeweled brass bowl, One King’s Lane, $219

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So what do you think? Are there any trends from the S/S collections that you’d like to bring into your home? Comment below!